Car rental discount in Denmark

  • DKK 50 per day.
  • DKK 100 per weekend.
  • DKK 200 per week (max. DKK 400 per month).
  • Free rental of child safety seat and child cushion.
  • The cash discount on car rental will be deducted from the best available price at any given time. There may also be special Green Card discounts on holiday and seasonal offerings. 
  • "Weekendbil" may be picked up on Fridays at 12.
  • Discount on car rental abroad.
  • 10% discount on car rental abroad. Reservation must be done via our reservation centre, which you can reach by phone +45 89 33 11 33, (online booking is not possible and does not apply for partners). 

Rental terms

Please read rental terms here


Contact Europcar’s business centres to get more info about your options:

Phone: +45 89 33 73 30

Phone +45 33 55 99 22