Terms for Automatic Card Payments

October 2020

General Terms

For agreements on automatic card payments, the following terms shall apply as an addendum to Europcar's General Terms for rent/lease of Europcar's fleet (Europcar's General Terms). In case of conflicting terms, these separate terms for automatic payments shall take precedence.

An agreement on automatic payments entails that the customer's payments of Europcar bills in connection with renting vehicles from Europcar's fleet will be made by charging the amount due on the customer's payment card. This will be done by means of automatic transfer to Europcar. This automatic transfer will take place during the days surrounding the due date for the payment, and in many cases, this will take place due to renewal/extension of the rental agreement.

Registering for automatic card payments shall be mandatory for rental agreements of more than 21 days, and this can be done by means of electronic self-service via a link sent to the customer or by contacting Europcar.

In general, it is not possible to register a debit card for automatic card payments. For other terms and conditions, see Europcar's General Terms section: "Means of payment accepted by Europcar"

Data Security

When the customer registers for automatic card payments, a third-party, which has been approved in accordance with international security standards (PCI DSS – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), will capture and store the required payment information to be used for automatic charges to the customer's payment card on behalf of Europcar.

When registering for automatic card payments, the customer will be notified of this by email and this will take place no later than 24 hours after each such automatic transfer or attempted transfer.

The customer can change the payment card information anytime. Please contact Europcar, after which Europcar will send a link to be used for entering the new card information.

In case the customer has registered for automatic card payments, and the customer wants to reject the payment of a bill, this rejection can be carried out by contacting Europcar. Such rejection must take place no later than 2 days after the payment is made.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the registered payment card is valid and that the payment card information is updated in case of card expiry, blocking, loss, or similar situations. To the extent possible, in the month prior to this, Europcar will inform the customer of the fact that a registered card is about to expire. This notification will be sent by email.

In case of Card Rejection

In cases where the customer has registered for automatic payments and such automatic payments cannot be carried out due to circumstances pertaining to the customer (for instance, payment is rejected by the customer or by the customer's bank), Europcar shall be entitled to send a reminder to the customer. This reminder will normally be sent by email. Europcar will be entitled to charge a reminder fee for this. Europcar will be entitled to terminate the agreement on automatic payments, should any payment be rejected.